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Are you missing out on a phenomenon that has a great impact on our industry? It's the Dr. Oz show. When Dr. Oz mentions  a new dietary supplement or natural skin care product, millions of viewers stampede to the Internet to buy it.

Even more important, he’s reaching middle-America – mainly women who never downed a supplement or organic product before.

What does this mean for your natural health branding, marketing and copywriting?

You now have the potential to attract masses of new customers to your website. But when Dr. Oz's viewers start searching the internet, how many of them are finding you? And when they get to your website, how are you convincing them to stay, buy, and come back again?

That’s where I can help. As a seasoned marketer and seo copywriter, author of 31 books, and natural health addict of 30 years, I work with companies that sell natural and organic foods, vitamins, herbal and dietary supplements, and natural skin products. My 5-step system can help you:

1. Create brand messaging to foster trust and loyalty.

2. Laser target your content to reach the audience you want.

3. Write web copy that addresses your customers’ hidden motives.

4. Make it easy for your customers to find you.

5. Make your website magnetic to create customers for life.

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Risa Schulman, PhD

In putting up my website, I was looking for someone to construct language that could capture the value of my company and convey it in a powerful and engaging way. I found that in Lynda.

Because she is in the industry, she could understand the specialized niche we play in, and use the right tone and words for the audience. I really liked her focus on what we can do for the customer, rather than blowing our own horn.

Lynda was right on top of the work, always available, and quick with turn around. She has a deep expertise in the maximization of marketing through website and other communication mediums, and her consistent and helpful input, and many practical technical suggestions, helped this non-web person to make a really great site.

It also makes it a pleasure to work with her. Lynda is the go-to person for copywriting in the natural products industry.

Risa Schulman, PhD, Functional Foods/Dietary Supplements Expert Specializing in Health Claims, Product Dev, Research, Strategic Guidance


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