5 Psychological Triggers to Increase Natural Product Sales

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How to tap into customers hidden buying motives

Psychological triggers trump reasoning

Most of us want to believe that our behaviour is completely rational. When we buy that iPad or see a strappy pair of shoes calling out to us, we come up with reasons to justify our actions.

Yet we are constantly influenced by psychological triggers that we are not even aware of, because they are largely subconscious.

Understanding these subconscious triggers can help you sell more effectively. Now don’t worry – you aren’t doing anything subversive. You are merely tapping into how people think. Tweaking your web content can make it easier for visitors to understand what you offer.


5 psychological triggers that tap into hidden customers buying motives:

1. Clarity: Is your message lost in a sea of sameness? Do you promise top quality products, excellent customer service, and the best prices? So does everyone else. How does your message stand out in the sea of noise? What is your USP – unique selling proposition? Is it clearly stated on your website, or do you assume people will figure it out on their own? (they won’t).

2. Empathy: Your first words should show web visitors that you “get” their problems emotionally. If you are selling a product for back pain, discuss the agony of waking up with a sore back every morning. For an anti-aging skin product, talk about the feeling people have when they look in the mirror and suddenly see their mother staring back.

3. Confidence: Would you buy natural foods from a store that is cluttered or where the produce is not attractively arranged? Would you eat at a restaurant that appears dirty? Of course not. The same thing happens when a visitor clicks onto a website that is cluttered and difficult to navigate. Just as in real life we form first impressions in an instant, if your website has too much going on and visitors can’t find what they are looking for, they will click away faster than you can say “antioxidant.”

4. Social proof: Ever wonder why people buy Ugg boots? It’s not because the footwear is attractive, it’s because they see celebrities wearing them, and they want to identify with them. Social proof is powerful, because it instils confidence that people are making the right decisions. How do you do that on your website? Scatter testimonials from satisfied clients on each page.

5. Success stories: Why are the before and after pictures of an anti-aging website the most popular? Why are the January and September makeover issues in magazines the best sellers? We all want to see transformation as a result of changes we make. That’s why case studies are so powerful. Telling stories to highlighting the successes of customers who use your products is like a testimonial on steroids (only using natural products, of course).

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