5 Secrets of FAQ Pages for Natural Health Marketing

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FAQ pages are great ways to optimize your site for search engines

Your customers have questions – lots of them.  An FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) page is a great way to answer them.

People used to think of an FAQ page as boring, or the lazy website owner’s way of dodging great writing. The FAQ page might include information about shipping rates or delivery options – nothing to rub your hands in glee about.

Not anymore.  With SEO (Search engine optimization), an FAQ page suddenly morphs into a golden opportunity to optimize your website, using content that directly addresses your customers’ needs.

Here are 5 secrets to using FAQ’s to SEO your website:

1. It’s easy to create an FAQ page that answers your customer’s most pressing questions. For example, an organic skin care company that uses essential oils could ask the following questions: (the bolded words would hyperlink to other web pages)

  1. What exactly is an essential oil?
  2. What are the benefits of essential oils?
  3. How can essential oils help eczema?
  4. Are essential oils good for dry skin?
  5. Are essential oils organic?

Did you notice how the keyword phrases “essential oils” “eczema” and “organic” are woven into the questions? These keywords all attract the search engines, so you rank higher on Google.

2. An FAQ page is easy to add to a website. If you aren’t ready for a website overhaul, adding an FAQ page can be one quick step in adding great content for the search engines.

3. An FAQ page is a great resource for visitors who are not ready to buy yet, but who want information.  It provides a speedy way to scan your website. In fact, many people turn to the FAQ page for a quick overview before they read other web pages.

4. FAQ pages lead readers deeper into your website. You could add a link from “essential oils” to products in your website containing essential oils, or to a more detailed explanation of essential oils. Check out how I do this on my SEO FAQ page.

5. FAQ pages can be more conversational in tone because they break up blocks of text into bite-sized chunks, making it easier for your reader. You can even have a little fun with them.

The most important thing about an SEO page is that it focuses on your reader’s most important questions. If you don’t have an FAQ page now, why not add one? If you have one, why not optimize it with keywords?

Now it’s time to assess your own website with this handy guide:

Web Copy Checkup

Call for a free appraisal of your website at: 514 336-4339. I look forward to having a virtual organic coffee with you!

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