Social Media Stuck? How to Move Ahead in 2012

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Overwhelmed by social media? Here's help for natural health companies

Social Media Anxiety


Do you have SO-MAD syndrome – Social Media Anxiety Disorder?  Most clients I deal with have some degree of it.

They fall into one of the following categories. Do any of these apply to you?

  • You hear about social media constantly, and feel guilty that you’re not on it, but you have no idea which platform to use or how to get customers.
  • You have profiles on LinkedIn, Twitter or a Facebook business page, but have only posted sporadically. You have no continuity or momentum.
  • You’ve made a few connections and even generated a few leads, but let it all peter out when faced with other priorities.

If you checked off any of these boxes, you probably feel anxious about your social media activities – or lack thereof.

Here’s how to relax and actually use social media in 2012 – without feeling guilty or stressed.

1. Reframe: think of social media as an opportunity to connect with new prospects, rather than an added task. Social media can help you connect with executives at higher levels that you might normally access, and with people you would never meet at your local networking event or trade show.

2. Add one social media activity to your marketing mix. If you’ve been cold calling or sending letters to prospects, why not take a portion of that time to try one social media channel such as Linkedin? Earmark a little time to create a great profile and learn how Linkedin works. You’ll pick it up faster than you think.

3. Set one simple goal. You can use social media in many ways, so it’s important to define what you want to accomplish. Is it to create awareness of your brand? Find out what your customers are thinking? Generate leads? Don’t try to do everything at once or you’ll peter out. Having just one goal in mind will help you create momentum and see results.

4.  Hang out with your customers. If you sell a product to consumers, a Facebook fan page is a great place to engage prospects and build relationships. If you sell a business service to executives, Linkedin is where you’ll find your target audience.

5. Have a little fun. After all, it is “social media”- not just “media” where you try to get as much content out as possible. Social media is about sharing ideas, building relationships that may turn into business, and learning about your industry.  You might even make a new friend or two, or forge a new business-to-business relationship.

That’s it. Don’t try to Tweet, Link, post and upload everyday if you can’t do it all. Do one thing well, rather than lots of things poorly. Good luck with social media in 2012!

January “Get Unstuck” Special

Here’s how I can help you move ahead quickly:

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  5. Outline ideas for your first 30 days on the social media site
  6. Provide email support for the first 30 days

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