3 Magical Marketing Moments for Natural Health Products

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Selling natural health products online depends on these three touchpoints

Magical Marketing Moments for Natural Health Products

3 Magical Marketing Moments for Natural Health Products

Do you believe in magic? If you market natural health products, there are 3 magical marketing moments for your web clients. If each of these touch points is working well for you, you should have a steady stream of customers buying your products. What’s more, these customers should be repeat buyers who are loyal to your company.

Here are the 3 magical marketing moments:

1. The moment visitors land on your site. With millions of websites to choose from, getting visitors to land on your site is the most difficult part. You need an attraction strategy.  SEO (search engine optimization) should be high on your list. With the Dr. Oz show and natural products increasingly in the news, people are looking for the products you sell. Are they finding your website? If you have the right keywords, they should be.

Surprisingly, many of the websites I look at are unaware that they are missing crucial elements such as a page title that contains keywords, a description of each page, and 5 keywords or keyword phrases.

Social media is another attraction strategy that works well. You have to identify where your customers spend their time, and create a social media strategy to engage with them consistently.

2. The moment visitors sign up. Once they arrive, you have only seconds to keep their attention. You do this by immediately showing them that they’ve come to the right place. Your words, visuals and navigation should work together to keep customers on your site until magic moment #2: Signing up for your newsletter or blog updates. (You do have a newsletter or blog, right?)

Why is this so important? Because people are busy and their attention spans are short. If you don’t have a method for capturing their contact information, you may never hear from them again. But once you capture that info, you can create a relationship by sending them blog updates, coupons, or information that interests them.

3. The moment they buy. Of course, this is a magical marketing moment – you got the sale. But don’t stop here. Isn’t it better to have a repeat customer than a one-time shopper? If they haven’t signed up for your newsletter or blog, make sure they receive it (ask permission first). Make sure you contact them again with repeat offers and valuable information based on their purchase.

Turning visitors who land on your site into long-time customers is the basis for building any company. Pay attention to these three details, and you’ll truly experience marketing magic.

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What works for you? Do you have any magical marketing tricks that help you attract more visitors or convert them into clients? Please leave your comments below.



  1. Maria

    Thank you so much for sharing such valuable information. I want to sell health products that seemingly seem unrelated (date sugar, date syrup..., argan oil, natural powder toothpaste from herbs...) but the philosophy is derived from natural products mainly moroccan. Is it best to start with one product or family product like the date family then build up from that? Is the best strategy to start with few products then gradually increase? Thank you

    • Lynda Goldman

      Hi Maria,

      I'm glad the information is valuable for you. The question you asked is too big to answer easily, because it depends on your whole business model and strategy. I'm not sure if you are manufacturing these products, or importing them, and how you plan to market them. You need a business consultant to help you figure out how to set up your business.

      Best of luck,

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