5 Dr. Oz Secrets to Selling Natural Health Products

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Use these techniques to sell your supplements & natural products

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Dr. Oz tips you can use to sell natural health products

Do you ever wonder about the secret to Dr. Oz’s phenomenal success? He has the #1 talk show in America, and is one of the most quoted doctors today.

So why do so many people love Dr. Oz?

Sure, he started on the Oprah show, but that’s no guarantee of success. Witness the Rosie O’Donnell show, which just got cancelled.

Here are my thoughts, and 5 ways you can adapt Dr. Oz’s strategies to market your natural health products:

1. Show, don’t tell. Have you seen the purple gloves? Dr. Oz invites audience members to put on his signature purple gloves and touch healthy and diseased organs. I’m guessing that once you’ve held a diseased liver or heart in your hands, you’ll think twice the next time you’re about to indulge in unhealthy behaviour.

How can you use this technique? Video is the key to showing instead of telling. Isn’t it easier to show your customers how you manufacture your products, where you obtain the ingredients, or to demonstrate how a supplement will help them? Use visuals to create a visceral impact, and you will be remembered.

2. Start a conversation: Dr. Oz isn’t just a talking head. He gets audience members to participate by passing out food samples, getting them to do yoga stretches, and most importantly, to tell their stories.

How can you use this technique? Think about how you can get your audience involved. You can send out coupons for product samples, and start conversations on social media. People who are involved and connected with your company are far more likely to buy your products.

3. Address their problems: Dr. Oz’s show is the opposite of the “we we” natural health websites I see so often, where the main text says “We do this, our products do that.” Dr. Oz always begins by asking guests about their problems, and only then does he present solutions.

How can you use this technique? Be solution oriented, rather than sales oriented. Strange as it sounds, when you address problems first, you get readers’ attention so they are eager to hear your solutions. Think about it. People doing a Google search are much more likely to type in “digestive problems” than “probiotics.”

4. Suggest alternatives: Dr. Oz often suggests more than one alternative to a problem, including a variety of foods and supplements. In health, one size doesn’t fit all.

How can you use this technique? Discuss and compare alternative remedies in a factual, straightforward way. Customers feel respected when you recognize that everyone is unique, and that not everyone responds to the same treatment.

5. Offer guidance. Dr. Oz ends each show with a yellow sticky note that has the handwritten words, “In case you missed it.” People feel overwhelmed, and need help in making sense of everything they read and hear. Summarizing the key points gives audience members 2 or 3 tips that they can put into action.

How can you use this technique? Help your audience make sense of the information you present. Check your language to see if your message may be too technical or scientific. (Check out my previous blog post: Are you talking to the wrong natural health customers?) Know your audience, and you can give them advice that will help them.

What’s the bottom line? Dr. Oz is an educator. He continually surveys his audience and responds to their greatest needs and problems. He involves, educates, and guides his audience members.

Using these simple techniques, you can also become an educator and trusted adviser. Your customers will look to you for guidance, and respond by being loyal, repeat buyers.

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What do you think? Can any of these techniques work for you? Please leave your comments below.



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