7 Video Must-Haves to Keep Natural Health Customers Watching to the Final Frame

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How to write video scripts that keep your viewers engaged

7 Video Must-Haves

Keep them watching to the final frame

We’ve all heard that a picture is worth a thousand words. I recently saw the quote, “One minute of video is worth 18 million words.”

I’m guessing that no one actually counted those 18 million words, but the idea is clear: video is now one of the most effective ways to get your message across.

Video is an excellent supplement to your marketing content, but let’s face it: boring video is just as snore-inducing as an academic paper to the majority of your customers.

Online, it’s too tempting for a viewer to simply “click off” your video. So what does your video need to keep viewers’ attention? Here are 7 must-haves to make sure people watch to the final frame.

1. Clear objectives: Just as you need clear objectives for social media or for your website, before you produce any video, you have to determine what you want it to accomplish. Do you want it to drive traffic to your website? Educate consumers or medical professionals about a product line? Demonstrate how a product works? Introduce your company or launch a new product? Having clear objectives will help you decide what kind of video to produce, and the language and format that will work best.

2. Strong opening. Every storyteller and movie producer knows that you have to capture the viewer’s attention within seconds. But that doesn’t mean you have to begin your video with a car chase or an exploding building. You simply have to tell your natural health viewers why the video is relevant to them.

3. Pace: TV commercials and the online world have now conditioned us to have  short attention spans. Your video has to have a lively pace to keep viewers engaged. Even a 2-minute video can seem agonizingly long if the presentation crawls along. Except for training videos or more technical “how to” videos, most videos that introduce your company or product can be 30 seconds to 2 minutes, and should keep a brisk pace.

4. Efficiency: There’s no room for fat in your video. Videos need to get to the point quickly. That’s why you need a well-written script. Your script writer should help you identify your main points, and write a lean script that delivers your message quickly and effectively. Don’t try to pad it or sneak in a few more points. It’s better to create a new, short video for every major service or product than to produce one longer video.

5. Clear, simple language.  Too many natural health companies fall into clinical  or academic writing, or use language that your natural health customers would never use. If you are selling probiotics or omega 3s to consumers, be sure to explain the terms to new customers who are not familiar with them. Instead of “digestive issues” use the terms your customers use, such as “upset stomach.” Steer away from over-used buzzwords such as “innovative solutions” and “top quality ingredients” which are meaningless unless you explain what you mean.

6. Enticing visuals: The whole point of video is to provide visual stimuli to make the content engaging. The visuals should always support your brand, and give the viewers added information that words alone can’t convey.

7. Call to action: Just as every website needs a call-to-action that tells readers what to do next (sign up for our newsletter, add to cart, call for a complimentary appraisal), every video needs one too. If people see your video on YouTube, you will most likely want to direct them to a landing page on your website. If you are sending the video to professional customers, you may want to invite them to a webinar, or to set up a meeting. Don’t omit this vital step in your video marketing.

Communicating a message with video adds more content to the message, making it powerful and memorable. Start using video today, to take advantage of this amazing marketing tool.

Need help getting started? I write video scripts that keep your customers watching to the final frame. My background is graphic design, so I create the preliminary visuals. Then I work with my talented video production partner, Eva Kutyla, to animate your video and make it your #1 marketing tool. 

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