Story of How a Book Saved My Life

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Write a book to establish yourself as an expert, and transform lives

Books can save your life

Write a book to transform your readers' lives, and yours

A few days ago I went to New York to meet with clients. I live in Canada, and have to go through US customs. It was an early start. I woke up at 3:30 am to get a 6 am flight.

After many anxious watch-glancing moments in a slow moving customs line, I finally got to the front and presented my customs form. The officer peered at it and said, “You didn’t answer one of the questions.” Attempting to form a human connection, I apologized, and said “I’m so sorry, I must have been sleepy from waking up so early.”

He responded, “NICE, NICE. I start work every day at 4 am, and you say YOU’RE tired? Come with me.”

He got up from his cubicle, and ushered me back into the “interrogation” room. As you can imagine, I was shocked. I wasn’t a criminal because I had neglected to check one box on the customs form, or because I said I was tired. Yet now I was in danger of missing my flight, or worse, being barred from entering the United States. (Yes, that happens for the flimsiest of reasons.)

Another customs officer approached, and asked me to open my purse. He looked inside and the first thing he saw was a book. He pulled it out and asked, “Do you like to read?” I said, “Yes, I love to read.” He continued, “Not many people read books these days. Most people just text. I can never go through an airport without buying a book. Ok, you can go.”

And with that, I was set free! I sprinted to my gate just in time to catch my flight.

You may be thinking: The book didn’t really save your life. True, but it did save my flight and my possibilities of travelling to the US. And it saved relationships with my clients who had scheduled time to meet with me.

More important, it confirmed my belief that books really do change, save and transform people’s lives.

Where else in life, for the price of under $25, can you get:

1. Knowledge and education from the world’s greatest minds and experts?

2. Information that can guide and inspire you in any area of your life, from health to business? Whatever you want, you can find in a book.

3.  A portable collection of the content you want, at your fingertips. Yes, you can probably find most of the information by intensive internet searches, but you may have to wade through pages of useless junk before you find the jewels that can really help you. A good book organizes it for you. Plus, many authors save their best information for their book.

What does this mean for you?

Writing a book is the best way to get your vital message out to people who can learn and benefit from it. Here are some wonderful results for your business:

  • Writing a book establishes you as an author with expertise in your area.
  • Having a book with your name on it helps you sell your products, consulting, or services for more money, and helps you attract better clients. After all, wouldn’t you rather use the services of someone who “wrote the book” on your subject?
  • Being an author opens up a realm of possibilities for your business and your life that you never dreamed of. From to bookstores, people will see your book and contact you with opportunities. You just never know where it will lead.

Intrigued about having a book with your name on it, but not sure how to get started? Did you know that most business authors hire ghostwriters (like me)? They are too busy running their businesses, and simply don’t have the time and expertise to write a book.

I’ve written 31 physical books, a few ebooks, and ghost-written several more, so I know the game inside and out. I can help you write a book with your name on it. (No one will ever know.) Then I can help you market your ebook to establish your expertise and increase sales.

Do you have a book inside of you? Call me today to discuss how to get it out into the world. Lynda Goldman (514) 336-4339;

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What’s stopping you from writing a book? Please leave your questions and comments below.





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  3. Lynda Goldman

    Thanks for letting me know, Caren. Books have inspired me my whole life, which is why I love both reading them and writing them. Good luck with your book!

  4. Caren Burmeister

    Good to see others recognize the power of books! You have inspired me
    To get working on a natural skin care book.