9 Reasons You Need a Female Copywriter for Your Natural Health Website

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How to sell natural health products to women

writing web copy for women

Does your web copy resonate with your target audience?

“My target customers are women aged 35-55.” I hear this time and again when I ask natural health and supplement companies, “Who are you trying to reach with your web copy?” The age group may vary slightly, but reaching women is the answer at least 90% of the time.

It’s no wonder. Statistics show that women today represent the major online market.

Now think about this. From 1925 to 1942, ads were written mainly by men, for men. (Watch a few early episodes of Mad Men to see how few women copywriters there were, and how the ads were geared towards men.) Over time, copywriters modeled what worked best, and this translated into online copy, which in general, is still very male oriented.

Much of this turns women off.

Here are some things to consider in who you hire to write your website copy:

1. A Digital Divas by The Numbers report shows that 22% of women shop online at least once a day, and 92% pass along information about deals or finds.

2. This report also reveals that “Women process information and make purchasing decisions differently than men, and that 59% of women feel misunderstood by food marketers, and 66% feel misunderstood by health care marketers.

See: http://www.she-conomy.com/facts-on-women

3. Women generally look after the health of their partners and children, and influence or make most of the buying decisions for health related products.

4. Much of the internet language (and copywriting in general) uses emotionally charged, aggressive language, such as “crush the competition”, “Killer apps” and “spearhead your approach,” which typically doesn’t appeal to women.

5. Women respond better to emotionally bonding language. This doesn’t mean your web copy has to be weak or boring. You can still use action words, but instead relate them to your customers. Watch Oprah’s online newsletter to see how superbly this works.

6. Masculine copy cuts to the chase quickly. Women like to build relationships and feel they know the people behind the product before they purchase. (Just compare how long women like to talk on the phone, as opposed to most men.)

7. Men don’t mind if the web copy mimics direct-response copy. The content is important to them. Women want great content, but they also want it to look good. Attractive design gives women the confidence that you are a better company to do business with.

8. Values aren’t always an important factor for men, but women often base their decisions on the values of a company. If you support a charity or a community group, talk about it. Values resonate with women.

9. Stories work well in selling to any audience, but they are not critical in masculine copy. Women respond better to stories because they help create a bond and build relationships, which women need before they buy your products.

Bottom line: You have to connect and build rapport with female customers before you sell to them. If your customers are women, doesn’t it make sense to have web copy that resonates with them?

Need help writing for your target audience? I’m not only a copywriter, I’m also your customer (and a woman!). I’ve been buying many of your products for years, and I know what language women respond to.

Call me to find out about writing the right messages for your market. (514) 336-4339, or email: Lynda@LyndaGoldmanCopywriting.com

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