5 Healthy Branding Reasons to Write Your Natural Products Book Today

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Stand out from the sea of similar products by branding your company with your book


Natural product sales are growing like dandelions. Write your book to stand out from the crowd.

Natural product and supplement sales are growing faster than the dandelions that take over your lawn in summer.

That means plenty of opportunity for you.

It also means you have to differentiate or die. (According to Jack Trout, author of Differentiate or Die, Survival in our era of killer competition)

Looking for a leg up on how to get more supplement or natural product sales?

Write a short, slim book on your topic.

Here are 5 healthy branding reasons to write a short book today:

1. Being an author is the best branding tool available

Writing a book is the absolutely best way to brand your company. The word authority begins with author. As an author, you gain instant recognition and respect. Your book positions you as the leader in your industry, so you soar above the crowded marketplace.

3. Slim books are healthy branding:

Books are slimming down faster than the newest diet on the Dr. Oz show.

If the idea of writing a big fat book has held you back, you’ll be surprised to know that a slim book can be as healthy for your branding as a slim body is for your health.

3. Brand yourself to a texting generation: Once upon a time, big books on big topics were the big event.

Today, we read and write by texting. We’re trained to get the message quickly and move on. A short book is perfect to brand your company for the texting generation.

4. Brand by teaching: People read business books to learn something, not to be entertained.

How many business books have you quit reading because the authors presented all the fresh ideas in the first 50 pages, and then padded the rest with fluff?

5. Brand yourself with your content, not your writing skills.

 I don’t have time to write.” “ I’m not a writer.” “I hate to write.”

These are the most common reasons I hear that people don’t scratch that “write a book” item off their “to-do” list. It’s just too daunting.

What if I told you that you could be an author – no writing skills required?

 It all has to do with my unique “author in an hour” system to generate fresh customers daily.

You don’t have to write a word. I arrange a phone call where I interview you on the topic of your expertise, based on questions we agree on beforehand.

I then transcribe and transform your spoken words into a manuscript. From there, I create a book for you – your book!

 Most people speak 7,000 – 8,000 words in one hour. This creates the manuscript for a standard size pocket book of 5.5 x 8.5 inches, with 60-90 pages.

You can become the author of a book in just one hour – no writing skills required.

Find out more by clicking here: Author in an Hour

I’ve already had a terrific response since I launched this  program just weeks ago, and have 2 new books coming out very soon!

I can only work with a few select clients at a time. If you want to learn more, please contact me as soon as possible. Once my time is filled, I’ll be happy to put you on a waiting list.

Contact me to see if this is right for you. Call (514) 336-4339 or email today: Lynda@LyndaGoldmanCopywriting.com to schedule your 20 minute call.  

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