6 Carroty Branding Tips for Natural Products and Holistic Health Professionals

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Your brand is a shortcut that introduces your natural health products or services

Orange Carrots

Create your own "orange carrots" by branding your natural products or services.

Do you think of the color orange when you think of carrots?

You might be surprised to learn that carrots were originally different colors, and became orange because of a branding campaign.

You probably also think of “branding” as something big corporations do to help you remember their products. You may associate branding with a product name, logo, and specific colors or images.

Here’s a fascinating story that may make you rethink your own branding.

In the 17th century, carrots were either purple or red. The Dutch royal family, named the House of Orange, wanted to exemplify their powerful influence. They could have sewn a bigger flag or painted a fancier crest. Instead they asked their horticulturalists to create a way to turn the country’s favorite vegetable, the carrot, into a symbol of the national color. Carrots have been “carroty orange” ever since, and this may be one of the earliest recorded “brand campaigns”. *From “Fascinate”, by Sally Hogshead, page 209

If you create products or offer holistic health services, why bother to build a brand?

What’s wrong with just explaining the value of your services, or listing your top quality ingredients, and letting them speak for themselves?

The problem is that we live in a distracted, noisy and overcrowded world. Your customers are bombarded with hundreds, even thousands of marketing messages a day, all competing for attention.

The only way to break through this noise is by creating a brand that captivates them.

Here are 6 reasons you should think like the Dutch, and create your own orange carrots:

1. Your brand identity is the most important asset you have. Creating a unique brand helps you stand out in an attention-deficit world.

2. Your brand creates a shortcut to what you offer. It stands for everything your customers and prospects think, feel, hear, read, watch, imagine and suspect about your product or service. It’s what they believe about you, and what they tell other people about your product.

3. Your brand is not your logo, slogan, or marketing activities. These are the tips of the iceberg. Your brand identity is about the value you bring. Your logo and slogan translate this meaning for your customers.

4. The brands you choose are your personal statement about who you are and what you stand for. What does it mean to eat organic food, buy sustainably harvested coffee, or take an omega-3 supplement?

It means you have specific values and interests. Your health is important to you. You care about the planet. You stand for something. People will choose your brand once they understand that you stand for what they believe in.

5. Your brand is based on your values and principles, which help you create a brand identity that is distinct, compelling and authentic. This is vital to attracting natural health consumers, who are a passionate and educated bunch.

6. Branding isn’t about market share, it’s about mindshare. Your goal is to position your brand, not as a competitive choice based on lower price or some other criteria, but as the only choice. People will choose a brand they adore, even when there are other options available at lower prices.

Think of your favorite brands. Whether you love your iPhone, your Starbucks latte, your Oxylent Effervescent Vitamins, your favorite immune supplement or protein shake, or a specific type of clothing, car, food, wine, coffee…. You know the power of a brand.

“Success isn’t about being perceived as the best at what you do. It’s about being perceived as the only one who does what you do.” –Jerry Garcia of the Grateful Dead

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