7 Fascinating Branding Triggers for Natural Products & Holistic Health Services

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Create a fascinating brand for your natural products and holistic health services

Fascinate to persuade and captivateWhy do some brands fascinate you, and others leave you cold?

What compels you to pick up some products and examine them, while leaving others to gather dust on the shelves?

In a distracted, overcrowded world, creating a brand that fascinates people is the most powerful way to capture attention and stand out in a sea of sameness.

In “Fascinate: Your 7 Triggers to Persuasion and Captivation,” Sally Hogshead describes how fascination emerges from deeply rooted behavioral patterns, and plays a crucial role in every buying decision we make.

The book describes 7 triggers that lead to fascination. You only need one trigger to help you attract a group of raving brand fanatics:

1. Lust: craving for sensory pleasure

2. Mystique: lures with unanswered questions

3. Alarm: threatens with negative consequences

4. Prestige: earns respect through symbols of achievement

5. Power: commands and controls

6. Vice: temps with forbidden fruit, causes us to rebel against the norms

7. Trust: comforts us with certainty and reliability

Many successful natural health companies use one or more of these tactics. Think about your own brand. Which triggers can make your brand more fascinating?

Could you:

1. Suggest exclusivity to trigger the feeling of prestige around a high end product?

2. Tap into people’s deeper values by focusing on your pure ingredients, fair trade practices, or non-GMO policy?

3. Surprise your audience to trigger mystique?

4. Craft a story about scarcity for a precious ingredient?

5. Inspire trust by telling your core story so people relate to you?

6. Trigger alarm by talking about the side effects of mainstream alternatives to your natural products or services?

7. Use vice to lure people to try your decadent (but healthy) food or drink?

8. Build the feeling of power that results from your functional food, supplements, or holistic treatments?

Boring brands are quickly forgotten.

Fascinating brands sell products because people remember them. They inspire your buyers to come back and become repeat customers, and tell their friends about you.

A little fascination is worth cultivating!

Read the book: Fascinate by Sally Hogshead

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