How to Become an Author in an Hour and Write a Book That Makes You an Authority in Your Niche

Electrify your natural products sales or holistic health services by writing a book that brings your fresh customers daily

A few months ago I picked up a small book in the natural health store where I shop. It was for a supplement that I had not used before. The book had compelling information about the benefits of this product.

I became so excited that I went back to the store and bought the supplement, and have been taking it since then.

That’s the power of a book. Books change lives…and can certainly change businesses.

If you’re looking for a natural way to stand out from the ever-crowded dietary supplement/natural health/natural beauty/ organic nutrition crowd, here’s a little-used tactic:

Writing a book!

In a few moments I'll explain how easy it can be...

As the author of 31 books by three major publishers (Prentice Hall, Houghton Mifflin, and Oxford University Press), a few e-books, and a couple of ghost-written books, I know the publishing game inside and out.

I’m the original “health-food addict”, and much of what I learned came from books by people with a unique message and a love for natural health…just like you.

That’s why I’m passionate about helping you get your book out, so you can help so many more people.

5 Compelling reasons to write a book today to electrify your business

 1. Become the authority so customers flock to you, instead of your having to sell to them

There’s a reason the word authority begins with author. As an author, you gain instant recognition and respect.

…After all, you have to know a lot about a topic to write a book on it.

The media recognizes authors, and is constantly looking for new books to feature on TV and radio, and in publications and blogs. This gets your name out in front of your target customers.

Instead of being a business person who is trying to sell supplements or nutritional products, you became the knowledgeable expert who educates. This builds tremendous credibility and trust.

Now your customers come to you – they want to buy your products. It’s a whole new ball game.

Wouldn’t you prefer to buy products from an expert who wrote a book on the topic, or from the founder of the company, when faced with similar products from an anonymous company? (I know I would, and I do - regularly!)

2. Raise your fees and make more money

If you speak or consult on your subject, you will be more in demand as the expert on your topic, and you can raise your fees.

When you are the author of a book, more people will seek your services, and you can choose the clients you want to work with.

3. Own your niche: stand out in a crowded marketplace

 Be the first one to write about organic strawberries, or supplements that ease the pain in the second toe of your left foot, and own the niche.

There may be other books on your topic, but there’s always a new angle, another way to slant it. You just have to uncover your UCA (Unique competitive advantage – also called a USP, or unique selling point).

You can even write a few short books on related topics and build a library or catalog of books in your area. Wouldn’t that demonstrate your expertise and set your company apart from the crowd?

It’s so easy. Since you already have products that address that niche, all you have to do is describe, with passion, why you created those products and how they will help people.

You can probably talk about it for hours without taking a breath.

 4. Multiply your sales by reaching customers inexpensively across the world

More than 20% of Americans now own e-Readers, from iPads to Kindles. 66% of Americans own smartphones. These numbers are increasing exponentially, especially with24-35 year olds who grew up in the digital age.

Think of the power of reaching thousands of people worldwide through and other online retailers.

Even if only a few new customers buy your e-book and then buy your supplements because of what you wrote, each customer can bring you thousands of dollars in sales over time – sales that you would never have gotten otherwise.

And once they know you and trust you, customers may buy your other products, multiplying your original benefits over time.

Your book can add to your revenue – maybe not a lot at once, but you can watch a small but steady trickle of sales translate into substantial earnings over time.

Plus, you’ll be considered a thought leader in your industry, and brand your business by getting ahead of the curve with eBooks.

Most important: your book is selling your products – which is your real goal.

5. Build your list and client base with the ultimate lead generation tool

Your book is an ideal lead generation tool because people perceive books to have greater value than any other source of information.

You can offer a free download of your book, or just the first chapter. Build a dedicated landing page on your site and offer the download in exchange for your visitor’s name and email address.

You can also blog about your book, or break it into articles and get lots of search engine love. Google will index all the new content, bringing you more visitors while you sleep.

It’s the easiest and best list building strategy you can find…and may save you thousands of dollars per month on SEO experts who promise more traffic.

Right now, you’re probably thinking:

“Writing a book is a great idea….except that….”

 1. I’m not a great writer.

2. I don’t have time to write a book… I’m busy running my business

3. I don’t know how to get an agent or a publisher… it’s all so complicated

You’re correct. Writing and publishing a book the traditional way is time consuming, difficult and expensive.

I know, because I’ve done it 31 times!

In a moment, I will reveal an amazingly simple way to surmount these obstacles,  but first, let me share a few secrets of the publishing industry that not many people know.

If you choose the traditional route,

Problems #1 & 2:

You’re not a great writer… or, you like to write, but you simply don’t have time to sit at the computer for the hundreds of hours it takes to write a book.

Solution: Hire a ghostwriter.

Did you know that 60-80% of business books are written by a collaborator or ghostwriter? That’s because most business people are simply too busy running their business to sit and write a book.

This can be ideal if you have lots of time and money…

Professional ghostwriters charge $40,000 - $80,000 to write a book for you – and the top ones charge $100,000 or more!

That’s because it takes months of work to research and write a full-length book in a traditional format of 250 + pages. And it takes years of experience to know how to write a book that will sell.

Publishers don’t like to gamble, so a top-quality ghostwriter is actually an asset because the publisher knows the book will be written professionally, and delivered on time.

This could be the route for you…. if you have an extra $40,000 sitting around.

Problem #2: The Catch 22 of traditional publishing

To get your book published with a major publishing house, you need a huge media platform.

You have to prove that you’re a TV or internet marketing superstar, or a highly paid speaker or consultant who can sell millions of books through your dazzling public appearances.

You see, the publishing industry is like every other industry. They only publish books that they think will make money.

Plenty of excellent manuscripts languish on editors desks. The authors receive reject letters because they lack a big enough marketing platform.

…And here’s the catch 22 of publishing:

Publishing companies won’t even read your manuscript unless you get introduced by an agent.

However… agents are only interested in books that have tremendous sales potential because they get paid a percentage of every book you sell.

And agents are known as the most difficult to reach people on the planet. Unless you’re already a star or get introduced by one, they will never answer your phone calls or emails. (Just try it and see for yourself.)

So, no agent… no publisher; no publisher…no book

Problem #3: Time’s not on your side…

Now, if you do happen to be a dazzling speaker or entertainer with a huge platform, and you get an agent and publisher salivating for your book…

…you have to wait a 12-18 months for your book to come out.

The book publishing industry is notoriously slow. Assuming you (or a ghostwriter) write your book in 6 months… editing, reviews, and publishing take… a year or more.

If you started today on the traditional publishing route, and everything went smoothly (it seldom does) you could have your published book in your hot little hands in about ….2 years from now.

By now, you’re probably thinking: Ok, so if I want to get a book out, what’s left?

 My simple “Author in an Hour” publishing plan for you

Now that you see how long, difficult and expensive it is to take the traditional publishing route, here’s a process that is sure to surprise and delight you!

You don’t have to write the definitive masterpiece on the subject.  

You just have to add something valuable to the conversation.


All you do is talk about a subject you already know and have a passion for, and share it with an audience that is hungry for the solution you provide. What could be simpler?

Here’s how the process works:

1. We start with a 20 minute discovery call to see if this book creation process is right for you, and to decide on the topic of your book.

2.  I write up 8-10 questions on your topic and send them for you to review. You prepare the answers. This should be very easy for you, because it’s on a topic that you know thoroughly and care about deeply.

3. We schedule a one-hour phone session where I ask you the questions, and you answer them. The call is recorded, and then professionally transcribed.

*In one hour, most people speak 7,000 – 8,000 words. This creates a standard size pocket book of 5.5 x 8.5 inches, with 60-90 pages.

4. I create your book. While you run your business I put the book together as follows:

  • Suggest some catchy book titles
  • Edit out the um’s…. ahhs….. and other false starts
  • Add in a table of contents
  • Divide the book into chapters for readability
  • Create an eye-catching cover
  • Design the pages to make the book inviting and easy to read
  • Add relevant pictures, diagrams or charts
  • Add contact information for your products, company or website

5. You review everything and sign off.  Then the magic begins. In less than one month, you become the author of a book!

You get:

  •  100 Copies of your printed book – delivered right to your door!
  •  A PDF E-book, ready for download as a lead generation tool, or to sell on your website, at Amazon…the possibilities are endless

Now that you see how you can slash your book writing and publishing time from 2 years… to one month…

 you’re probably wondering:

“Do I have to pay ghostwriting fees of $40,000 - $80,000 dollars?”

What if I told you that you could get your book at over 90% off the fees of a ghostwriter? That’s because it’s in YOUR OWN Words – not a ghostwriter’s language.

It will be exactly the way you speak, with just a few editing touches to make it flow smoothly.

Author in an Hour” isn’t right for everyone. Is it right for you? Email me to schedule your complimentary 20 minute call to find out:

Put “Author in an Hour” in the subject line and I’ll be sure to respond within 24 hours.

PS: If you’d like to explore this idea, please contact me right away. Because I work so intensively with my clients, I can only work with a few select clients at a time.

Once I’m booked, I’ll be happy to put you on the waiting list.

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