Contact me to speak to a real person

Helping companies with natural health products reach their target markets and convert more clients

Visit the contact page of most websites and you'll be greeted with an anonymous form to fill in. Not here.

I promise you a warm and friendly welcome if you call me!

I'm usually at my computer, fueled by a couple of fair-trade organic espressos, and motivated to create traffic generating search optimized content for my clients. Please join me in a virtual coffee as you "spill the beans" about how I can help you. (Green tea works for me as well!)

Organic fair-trade coffee

Join me for java

If I happen to be away at a conference, I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Lynda Goldman (514) 336-4339

Mailing address:

2216 Mediterranean Street
Montreal, QC
Canada H4R 3B1

Lynda comes prepared! She will ask you a ton of questions to get to know what your business is all about so she may write the perfect text for you. Lynda is also full of great ideas! Thank you Lynda! Kathleen Girard, Cookie Photo

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