How a Certified SEO Copywriter can help you sell more natural health products


Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about SEO and SEO Copywriting

Lynda Goldman copywriting quoteI had the pleasure of attending Lynda Goldman’s lectures during Social Media Sunday at Engredea 2012.  As someone who is relatively new to marketing and branding, I found her information extremely useful, particularly website writing, search engine optimization and social media best practices.  Unlike other educational series I have attended in the past, Lynda provided us with specific, easy to apply tips that anyone can implement to improve their business.

 - Jennifer Molnar, Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc.

1. What is SEO?

SEO means: Search Engine Optimization. It’s made up of the words (keywords) and phrases (keyphrases) you use in your website to attract the search engines.

2. Why is it important to optimize my website for the search engines?

Today, to “Google” has become a verb. People check Google (and other search engines) when they want information or a solution to a problem.

People commonly click on the first few links, and if they don’t find what they are looking for, they go down the page. They may go to page 2-3 of Google, but are less likely to keep going for page after page.

When people click on your keyword phrase, such as “Gluten-free desserts” or “how to look 10 years younger” they click on the first few returns on Google. If your website isn’t optimized for your keywords, it may come up on page 93, and no one will find you.

That’s a lost opportunity for you, and lost opportunity means lost revenue.

3. SEO, Copywriting, and SEO Copywriting: what’s the difference?

When most people put up a website, the web master inserts a few keywords in the code. After that, most people forget about optimizing their website for a long time.

SEO companies optimize sites to rank high in the search engines. They add the keywords to the code behind your website. However, if the text on your page is written only for the search engines, it may not read well, and people will click away quickly because they are confused or bored.

Copywriters write the copy (text) for your web pages and marketing materials. They may write compelling copy, but few of them know how to write to attract the search engines.

SEO Copywriting combines SEO techniques with copywriting. It’s about creating content that motivates readers and pulls in good search results. Not just “any” content can do this.

SEO Copywriting is both an art and a skill. That’s why there are so few Certified SEO Copywriters, and why they are in such high demand. (check out my certification, to the right)

4. What is your process for SEO Copywriting?

I begin with a complete website audit. The 3 main elements include:

• Sales copy: is it clear, relevant, and persuasive?
• Usability: is your website easy to navigate? Does it reflect your company and industry?
• Keywords: what keywords are you targeting, and how do you rank against your competition?

The first step is researching your target market to understand what keywords and keyphrases they type in (it’s often not what you think).

Then I analyze the competition to find keyphrases that are not used as often, which may help you climb higher on the search engines.

Finally, I write the headlines, sub heads and body text for each web page, weaving in the key words and phrases. This takes skill and deep knowledge of your subject matter, because you have to appeal to human readers’ needs and motives to keep them reading – plus attract the search engine spiders.

5. Can you promise top ranking in Google?

No one can – legitimately.

Google deliberately hides the exact way they rank websites. Their criteria for high ranking is to have LOTS of great content, and to weed out “content farms” consisting of irrelevant information that is “stuffed” with keywords.

In fact, getting on page one, two or even three can still help your business.

Find out more about Google Panda Update, which consists of 23 questions to indicate how Google evaluates your content.

Warning: Beware of any company that guarantees top ranking in Google. They are likely using “black hat” techniques to trick the search engines with keyword stuffing. This can get you banned from Google.

This is good news for you! If you have a great product, well written SEO copy should help you get to the top of the search engines.

My own story: In just one week, using these SEO copywriting techniques, I got to page 1 of Google for two of my top keyphrases.

6. Why do I need an SEO Copywriter who specializes in natural health marketing?

The first job of a copywriter is to understand their customers’ needs, and speak their language. This is even more important when you get to keyword research.

Your customer who is looking for a cure for back pain may use keyphrases such as “cure for backache” “back spasms” or “help for sore back”. But if your only keywords are, “lumbrosacral spine x-ray” or “spinal stenosis” you will never be found.

Top ranking on Google doesn't mean customers will buy.

Every word of your website copy has to build rapport with your visitors, and lead them to a sale. Yes, it may take several steps as they get to know you. Good content is meant to help you build relationships.

An SEO Copywriter who specializes in natural health will help you rank high on the search engines, AND create good content that builds trust – which means more customers, and increased revenue!

7. I’m attracting natural health customers. Why am I not getting any sales?

Ahh, now we come to the next step – the REAL reason you need an SEO copywriter for your natural health products.

SEO firms may bring you targeted visitors, but if your content fails to engage them and show them immediately that they’ve come to the right place, you’ve wasted your money.

A natural health SEO copywriter knows the RIGHT words for your customers, so they stay. Your visitors read your content. They take the next steps and call you, or buy your product. They become loyal customers.

That’s what your website is for, isn’t it?

It just takes a little time, and the right strategy. Call me for information on a website audit, to find out where you are right now, and how you can get to where you want to be.

Now it’s time to assess your own website. Use this handy guide:


Web Copy Checkup

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