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The Internet has changed, and if you're still doing what you've always done, you may be missing out on amazing opportunities to attract new customers. Read on to find the freshest ways to attract new customers daily.

Why zig when you can zag?

SEO: (Search Engine Optimizing): To succeed online, every word on your website has to be targeted to your defined audience. You need the right keywords to attract the customers you want. Then you need content that speaks their language and offers the solutions they are looking for, to convert viewers into loyal customers. SEO online copy is the key to getting fresh customers daily, and offers real metrics to measure your ROI (return on investment).

Video script writing & production: Looking for a simple way to captivate your viewers, while getting to the top of the search engines? It's video! Google loves video, and your customers love to watch video. Let me help you tell your story by creating a compelling video script that gets your message across. You can produce the video yourself, or I can handle the whole project, working with my trusted video producers.

Case studies: Here's a secret to capturing interest: tell a good story. In just a page or two, you can provide credible proof that your product is effective. Case stories are based on interviewing satisfied customers –much like a testimonial, but more developed. Case studies are really success stories that sell.

E-books and special reports: Did you know that e-books are now overtaking print, according to Why not educate your readers to build trust and loyalty? An e-book or special report can be as little as 8 pages, chock full of valuable content that puts you ahead of the competition.

PowerPoint Slides:  I’ve created hundreds of slide presentations for the healthcare industry. Let me create short, powerful slides with images and words that connect emotionally with your customers, while educating them on the benefits of your products.

Brand messaging: Have you segmented the market? Can you define and characterize precisely who you want to attract? A mom looking for vitamins for her tykes needs a very different marketing approach than a senior looking for relief from back pain. Targeted messaging is the key to selling your products.

Website content: Your website is your 24/7 sales tool. People are looking for solutions to their problems. Your website has to tell visitors immediately that they’ve come to the right place. This means providing content that educates them and builds trust. Yet many natural health websites only show images of their packages. This creates fly-by-night customers who buy based on price alone. Wouldn’t you rather have repeat customers, each of whom can bring you hundreds more dollars per year?

Newsletters & blog: Have you ever proposed marriage, or had someone propose to you, on a first date? Not likely. It takes time to build a relationship before you take the next step. It’s the same with your website. Visitors may be interested but not ready to buy. How do you start and develop a relationship? Signing them up for a newsletter or RSS feed to your blog is an ideal way to “date” until they are ready to make their first purchase. Then you have to continue to court them until they become loyal customers. Otherwise, they are here today, gone tomorrow.

Social media: If you provide great content, people will read your newsletter & blog, and buy your products. But first the word has to get out. You have to be where your customers are to build awareness and brand loyalty. Business social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook give you an opportunity to listen to what your customers want and gain insight so you can market more effectively.

Here are more fresh marketing ideas that I can help you with. Everything I write is optimized for search engines, to maximize your ROI:

    • Ads and advertorials
    • Articles
    • Bios
    • Brochures
    • B2B marketing materials
    • Catalog copy
    • Customer letters
    • Press releases
    • Sell sheets & 1 Sheets


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