Video to educate, entertain and engage your natural health customers


3 Videos that every natural health company needs to market your products

How to use video to educate, entertain and engage natural health customers:

If you want to know where the herbs in your organic tea come from, how your natural cosmetics company got started, or the best Omega 3 supplement to take, would you rather read 500 words, or watch a 4 minute video that explains it all?

Video is the best bang for your buck in Internet marketing. Watch this short video to see why.

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  • Video increases your chance of a front page Google result by 53 times (Google owns YouTube!)
  • YouTube is the number two most commonly-used search engine in the world
  • Video is fantastic for any kind of how-to or to demonstrate a product or process
  • Video brings your story alive and shows the human face of your company.
  • Video traces the source of your  products to establish credibility

Need more incentive? People love to watch video for fun and entertainment, even when you’re showing a serious product or selling B2B.

One big caveat: Video has to be well done. You need a strong script, supported by engaging visuals and sound.

Boring video is just as bad as boring text.

Are you exhibiting at a trade show, speaking at an event, or launching a product? Here are examples of three videos that every natural health company needs:

1. Introduction video: Introduce your company with a simple video welcome message like this.

2. Invitation video: Invite prospects and customers to a trade show or event. A video invitation so much more memorable than a written invitation. Here's my video invitation to Social Media Sunday at Engredea, co-located with Natural Products Expo West, 2012

3. Thank You video: After the event, follow up with thanks and special offers such as this.


3 Video Starter Package: Get a 3 video starter package like the one above, to brand your company, and educate and entertain your viewers. (514) 336-4339

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